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The news items below are arranged in reverse date order - the newest ones are at the top. Do scroll down to have a look at some of the interesting news items of the recent past. Where more information is available, a separate window will open with text and pictures.
Fishing holiday programme at Table Bay Nature Reserve December 2014
The fishing holiday programme were in two parts due to the interest shown in the programme - the first took place from 11-13 December, and the second programme from 17-19 December.
Click here to read more and see the pictures for the 11-13 December programme
Click here to read more and see the pictures for the 17-19 December programme
Winter holiday programme at Table Bay Nature Reserve July 2014
The winter holiday programme again proved to be a great attraction, and beautiful sunny weather ensured that it was a great success.
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Wolraad Woltemade Grade 6 and 7 23 & 24 June 2014
Wolraad Woltemade Grade 6 and 7 classes visited Table Bay Nature Reserve on 23 and 24 June for the biodiversity programme. The programmes involved learning about biodiversity, ecosystems, bird adaptations, importance of wetlands and included bird watching and miniSass activities. We had two beautiful clear sunny days! The learners enjoyed it even more due to the lovely weather and some wanted to stay at the reserve for the whole day. Transport (two busses) was funded by Chevron through the Friends of Rietvlei.
Photos taken by teacher Mr. Fortuin. Our contact teacher was Karen James.
Click here for the pictures
Marsh harrier catching yellow-billed duckling 28 November 2013
Frieda & Jan Prinsloo keep amazing us with their unique photographs taken at Rietvlei! From the Old Friends Bird Hide they saw an African marsh harrier catching a yellow-billed duckling, but not after the mother yellow-billed duck tried her best to defend her brood.
Click here for the pictures
Sophakama Primary School 14 November 2013
Learners from Sophakama Primary School visited the Rietvlei section of the Table Bay Nature Reserve on 14 November - read the report and view pictures of their outing.
Click here for the report and the pictures
Launch of Rietvlei Information Signage 12 September 2013
The new information signage at Rietvlei was launched by Doug Pottenger, General Manager Chevron Refinery, on Thurday 12 September. Chevron generously funded the design and construction of the boards.
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Otters at Rietvlei 2 August 2013
It is definitely otter season in Rietvlei! On Friday 2nd August Frieda and Jan Prinsloo photographed an otter devouring a fishy meal at the Friends Bird Hide.
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Otters at Rietvlei 14 July 2013
On Sunday 14 July Gaynor Donovan took some wonderful pictures of otters swimming in Rietvlei:
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Walk at Zoarvlei 21 April 2013
On Sunday 21 April the members of Friends of Rietvlei and Friends of Zoarvlei walked around the northern portion of the vlei to view the effects of the recent controlled burn ........... Read more.
City investigating fish deaths in Milnerton Lagoon 19 March 2013
The City of Cape Town and other government departments are currently investigating the cause of a large number of fish deaths in the Milnerton Lagoon on 15 March 2013. ........... Read more.
Controlled Burn at Wave's Edge 5 March 2013
On Tuesday 5 March 2013 a successful control burn was executed at Wave's Edge in the Table Bay Nature Reserve. This burn was necessary to get rid of the excess reed growth, and also to reduce the accumulated dry and dead reeds which were a fire hazard. ......... Read more and view some pictures
Reed Harvesting Workshop 21/22 November 2012
Friends of Rietvlei sponsored a workshop to teach 10 ladies from Dunoon and Joe Slovo about the nature reserve. The have received permission to harvest reeds in the Diep River section of the Table Bay Nature Reserve
Read more and view the pictures.
Rare Bird Sighting at Rietvlei Black Skimmer
On 4th October 2012 bird watchers at Rietvlei reported sighting a Black Skimmer, Rynchops niger, at Rietvlei. This sighting has been confirmed by other birders and by the City's Biodiversity Management Branch.
The Black skimmer is native to the Americas and has not been officially recorded in Africa. This is probably the rarest sighting recorded at Rietvlei. Scores of bird watchers have already been to Rietvlei to see it, and more are expected, even from as far away as Johannesburg.
Fun Environmental Holiday programme June/July 2011
Three of the City’s nature reserves, Blaauwberg Nature Reserve, Milnerton Racecourse Nature Reserve and Rietvlei Wetland Reserve, presented a fun and entertaining holiday programme during the June/July school holidays........ Read more and view the pictures.
Rietvlei Coastal Area Beach Walk 5 June 2011
Sunday 5 June was World Environment Day and we commemorated this by a beach walk on the coastal section of the Rietvlei Wetland Reserve. We also did a bit of cleanup by removing refuse and litter that had washed up on the beach........ View the pictures.
Rietvlei Walk 31 October 2010
About 15 people turned up for the walk to the two bird hides at Rietvlei on a slightly windy, but otherwise lovely Sunday afternoon. .... View the pictures.
Diep River Walk 5 September 2010
It turned out to be a pleasant Sunday afternoon, we had about 12 walkers joining Christopher Singo and Rifquah Johnson. .... View the pictures.
Hack in the Diep River Corridor 19 June 2010
A few members joined us in a hack in the Diep River corridor on Saturday 19 June. The weather was kind and it was a very pleasant morning for a hack; we managed to make an impression.
 .... View the pictures.
Hacking aliens again. 22 May 2010
On a cold and misty morning, a few members tackled alien plants along the R27. Ilse Andrag was there and sent us these pictures  ..... View the pictures.
New species for W. Cape now at Blouvlei 4 February 2010
Openbilled Storks have been sighted at Blouvlei  ..... Read more.
Hacking aliens in Rietvlei 17 October 2009
A small group tackled some aliens in Rietvlei and did a good mornings' work.  ...... Read more.
New picnic facilities at Rietvlei completed April 2009
The new picnic and braai facilities have at last been erected at Rietvlei  ...... Read more.
Zoarvlei Walk 8 March 2009
In spite of a strong southeaster, several people joined us for an interesting walk around at Zoarvlei.
...... Read more.
Milnerton Conservation Area Walk 23 November 2008
We had a most interesting walk in the unique Milnerton Conservation Area in Royal Ascot. This conservation area is in the centre of the old horse racing track ...... Read more.
Duikersvlei Stream Walk 24 August 2008
A few members enjoyed an interesting walk along the banks of the new Duikersvlei stream on the old Kynoch site next to Koeberg Road  .... Read more.
World Wetlands Day Rietvlei Walk 3 February 2008
To commemorate World Wetlands Day on 2nd February (and Wetlands Month the whole of February), we took a walk to the Bird Hide and along the shore of South Lake on Sunday afternoon.
..... Read more.
Clearing invasive alien vegetation 27 October 2007
A group of local scholars did a wonderful job in the battle against invasive alien vegetation by assisting in clearing alien plants on Rietvlei Wetland Reserve. ...... Read more.
Diep River Spring Walk 16 September 2007
Members and friends were entranced by a beautiful array of spring flowers in full bloom in the conservation area on the western bank of the Diep River north of Blaauwberg Road bridge.
..... Read more.
Bird Hide Walk 18 August 2007
Several non-members joined us for a most enjoyable walk on to the Bird Hide on Sunday 18 August. The water level was quite high and a variety of birds obliged us by their presence quite close to the hide.
..... Read more.
Diep River Walk 10 June 2007
On Sunday 10 June 2007 the winter rains let up for a while to allow several members and visitors to enjoy a walk into the proposed Diep River Conservation Area between Parklands and the western shore of the Diep River. The conservator looking after the area, Sandiso Kraai, was a most informative guide. ..... Read more.
Wilson's Phalarope seen at Rietvlei 25 May 2007
The rare Wilson's Phalarope was first reported Dolphin Beach Pond on 20 May 2007. This is regarded as one of the most exciting sitings at Rietvlei ever, many bird enthusiasts were planning to fly down to Cape Town from Johannesburg, etc to view this rarity over this coming weekend, but unfortunately the bird has now disappeared! Graham Searll took same great pictures which he has kindly allowed us to publish on the website - view them here ..... Read more.
More pictures of the siting can be seen on
AGM 2007 8 May 2007
The AGM on 8 May 2007 drew a large crowd, and quite a number of new members joined up.
..... Read more
Rietvlei re-opened to public 30 March 2007
Rietvlei has been re-opened to the public for boating and fishing after being closed for several weeks due to the presence of toxic blue-green algae (see story below). Water quality reports indicate that the toxins have dropped to acceptable levels, but the public has been warned to take care. ..... Read more.
Membership Drive 17 March 2007
On Saturday 17 March there was a membership drive at Table View Shopping Centre (Pick'nPay centre). We managed to enroll quite a number of members, and hope that more will join. ...... Read more
Dust storm on Rietvlei 17 March 2007
On Saturday 17 March the residents of Table View again suffered a dust storm with dust blowing from the dry parts of Rietvlei. ...... Read more
Scouts working at Rietvlei 11 March 2007
Jonathan Bandli of 1st Blaauwberg Sea Scouts undertook his community project towards his Springbok award by doing some alien vegetation clearing and wood sealing the Education Centre. .... Read more
Rietvlei closed due to toxic blue/green algae 9 March 2007
Friday’s scorching temperatures have resulted in the Rietvlei Wetland Reserve having to remain closed this weekend, due to a health risk caused by a toxic blue/green algae, which thrives in hot weather. The blue/green algal bloom poses a health risk to recreational users of the water body. ..... Read more
For more information go to the Toxic Algae Fact Sheet.
Walk along Beach and Lagoon 11 February 2007
On Sunday 11th February 2007 we had a most enjoyable walk from Milnerton lighthouse along the beach and the lagoon. ..... Read more
Fish mortalities at Rietvlei 28 December 2006
The deaths of thousands of fish in Rietvlei from Christmas Day 2006 was an unpleasant surprise. The first reaction was that this was the result of some deadly pollutant that washed into the vlei, but it appears to have been caused by depletion of oxygen levels in the water due to the hot calm days immediately preceding 25 December. The higher temperatures resulted in algal blooms which use up a lot of oxygen in the water, calm days meant that wind and wave action could not re-oxygenate the water. .... Read more
Rietvlei Walk 5 November 2006
On Sunday 5th November 2006 a number of people joined us for a most enjoyable walk to the Bird Hide. .... Read more
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