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Rietvlei Bird List
C-Common U-Uncommon R-Rare V-Vagrant
A-All Year S-Summer W-Winter
Great Crested Grebe CA
Blackened Grebe V
Dabchick CA
White Pelican CA
Whitebreasted Cormorant CA
Cape Cormorant UA
Reed Cormorant CA
Crowned Cormorant V
Blue Crane RA
Darter CA
Grey Heron CA
Blackheaded Heron CA
Purple Heron CA
Great White Egret V
Little Egret CA
Yellowbilled Egret CA
Cattle Egret CA
Blackcrowned Night Heron CA
Little Bittern UA
Hamerkop V
White Stork V
Black Stork V
Yellowbilled Stork V
Sacred Ibis CA
Glossy Ibis CA
Hadeda Ibis CA
African Spoonbill CS
Greater Flamingo CA
Lesser Flamingo CS
Whitefaced Duck UA
Fulvous Duck UA
Egyptian Goose CA
South African Shelduck UA
Yellowbilled Duck CA
Cape Teal CA
Hottentot Teal UA
Redbilled Teal CA
Whitebacked Duck UA
Cape Shoveller CA
Southern Pochard UA
Knobbilled Duck V
Spurwinged Goose CA
Maccoa Duck UA
Yellowbilled Kite US
Cape Francolin CA
Greywinged Duck UA
Common Quail VW
Helmeted Guineafowl CA
African Rail UA
Black Crake UA
Baillon's Crake RA
Purple Gallinule CA
Moorhen CA
Redknobbed Coot CA
Painted Snipe UA
Ethiopean Snipe CS
African Blk Oystercatcher CA
Ringed Plover CS
Whitefronted Plover UA
Chestnutbanded Plover RA
Kittlitz's Plover CA
Threebanded Plover CA
Grey Plover RS
Crowned Plover UA
Blacksmith Plover CA
Turnstone RS
Common Sandpiper CS
Wood Sandpiper CS
Redshank V
Marsh Sandpiper CS
Greenshank CS
Whimbrel V
African Jacana V
Knot V
Curlew Sandpiper CS
Little Stint CS
Pectoral Sandpiper V
Sanderling US
Ruff CS
Bartailed Godwit V
Curlew V
Blackwinged Stilt CA
Spotted Dikkop CA
Water Dikkop CA
Kelp Gull CA
Greyheaded Gull UA
Blackshouldered Kite CA
African Fish Eagle UA
Osprey RS
Steppe Buzzard US
Jackal Buzzard V
African Marsh Harrier CA
Peregrine Falcon UA
Pied Crow CA
Lanner Falcon CA
Black Harrier RA
Rock Kestrel CA
Hartlaub's Gull CA
Caspian Tern CA
Swift Tern CA
Sandwich Tern CS
Common Tern CS
Damara Tern V
Whiskered Tern RS
Whitewinged Tern CS
Feral Pigeon CA
Rock Pigeon CA
Redeyed Dove CA
Cape Turtle Dove CA
Laughing Dove CA
Namaqua Dove RA
Klaas's Cuckoo CS
Diederik Cuckoo US
Burchell's Coucal UA
Barn Owl UA
Marsh Owl UA
Spotted Eagle Owl UA
Flerynecked Nightjar CA
Black Swift CA
Whiterumped Swift US
Little Swift CA
Alpine Swift CA
Speckled Mousebird RA
Whitebacked Mousebird RA
Redfaced Mousebird RA
Pied Kingfisher CA
Giant Kingfisher UA
Malachite Kingfisher CA
Hoopoe RA
Pied Barbet UA
Redcapped Lark CA
European Swallow CS
Whitethroated Swallow CS
Greater Striped Swallow US
South African Cliff Swallow V
Pearlbreasted Swallow US
Rock Martin RA
House Martin RS
European Sand Martin US
Brownthroated Martin CA
Banded Martin US
Cape Bulbul UA
Olive Thrush RA
Capped Wheatear RA
Familiar Chat RA
Stonechat RA
Cape Robin CA
Karoo Robin UA
Titbabbler RA
African Marsh Warbler CS
Cape Reed Warbler CA
African Sedge Warbler CA
Willow Warbler RS
Bar-throated Apalis RA
Longbilled Crombec CS
Fantailed Cisticola CA
Cloud Cisticola RA
Greybacked Cisticola CA
Levaillant's Cisticola CA
Cape Batis RA
Spotted Prinia CA
Fiscal Flycatcher RA
Paradise Flycatcher US
Cape Wagtail CA
Grassveld Pipit CA
Orangethroated Longclaw CA
Fiscal Shrike CA
Bokmakierie CA
Redbacked Shrike V
European Starling CA
Pied Starling RA
Redwing Starling UA
Malachite Sunbird US
Lesser D/collard Sunbird CA
Cape White-eye CA
House Sparrow RA
Cape Sparrow CA
Cape Weaver CA
Masked Weaver CA
Red Bishop CA
Yellowrumped Widow CA
Common Waxbill CA
Pintailed Whydah CA
Cape Canary CA
Yellow Canary CA
Whitethroated Canary UA
Cape Bunting RA
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