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Rietvlei Section of Table Bay Nature Reserve
Rietvlei is one of the most important wetland areas in the Cape Peninsula supporting a large number and variety of water birds. It lies within the Table Bay Nature Reserve managed by the Biodiversity Management Branch of the City of Cape Town.
Office: 021 444 0315
Rietvlei Section is open daily from 7.30am to 5pm except on a few Closed Days per year. For details of Closed Days please contact the office on 021 444 0315.
Enquiries about recreational activities in the Table Bay Nature Reserve can be obtained from the office at Rietvlei during office hours or email:
By-Laws relating to Table Bay Nature Reserve
The following are two important By-Laws that regulate activities in the Rietvlei Section of the Table Bay Nature Reserve:
By-Law Relating to the Use and Control of the Rietvlei Water Area, 1977 (Milnerton Municipality).
  Provincial Notice 912/1977, 2 September 1977.
By-Law Relating to Streets, Public Places and the Prevention of Noise Nuisances, 2007 (City of Cape Town).
  Provincial Gazette 6469, 28 September 2007.
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More information about Rietvlei and the Table Bay Nature Reserve
More information about Rietvlei and activities on the reserve is on the following pages:
Description of Rietvlei
Directions to Rietvlei
Tariffs for Table Bay Nature Reserve
Bird list for Rietvlei
Fishing in Rietvlei
Water Quality in Rietvlei and Diep River
Diep Estuary Management Plan
Management Reports
The Area Manager for the Table Bay Nature Reserve publishes a quarterly report for the reserve. Click on a link below to open as a pdf file:
1st Quarter: January - March 2017
1st Quarter: January - March 2016
2nd Quarter: April - June 2016
3rd Quarter: July - September 2016
4th Quarter: October - December 2016
1st Quarter: January - March 2015
2nd Quarter: April - June 2015
3rd Quarter: July - September 2015
4th Quarter: October - December 2015
1st Quarter: January - March 2014
2nd Quarter: April - June 2014
3rd Quarter: July - September 2014
4th Quarter: October - December 2014
1st Quarter: January - March 2013
 2nd Quarter: April - June 2013
3rd Quarter: July - September 2013
4th Quarter: October - December 2013
1st Quarter: January - March 2012
2nd Quarter: April - June 2012
3rd Quarter: July - September 2012
4th Quarter: October - December 2012
1st Quarter: January - March 2011
2nd Quarter: April - June 2011
3rd Quarter: July - September 2011
4th Quarter: October - December 2011
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