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Reed Harvesters Workshop - 21/22 November 2012
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Biodiversity Management has given permission for 10 ladies from Dunoon and Joe Slovo to harvest reeds from the Diep River Section of the Table Bay Nature Reserve. The reeds are used to weave mats and baskets. The permission to harvest comes with the condition that the impact that they are having on the reeds and the environment is monitored.
To build a better relationship with these ladies, Senior People and Conservation Officer Elzette Krynauw decided to run a two day workshop with them at the Table Bay Nature Reserve. These ladies have never been in a nature reserve like the Rietvlei section, and most of them don’t even understand the meaning of a nature reserve. It is because of this that she feels the necessity to run this workshop and do a bit of adult environmental education. It is very important to her to reach out to these ladies as they will teach their weaving skill to a younger woman/man and if they have the environmental knowledge as well, they can also pass this information onto the younger generation.
With sponsorship from the Friends of Rietvlei, the workshop was held at the Rietvlei Environmental Education Centre on 21 and 22 November 2012. Elzette reports that it was a great success; the ladies learnt a lot at the workshop, but Elzette and her colleagues also acquired a lot of knowledge from the participants.
The following pages have pictures of the ladies learning about the reserve
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