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Bird Hide Walk - 3 February 2008
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Saturday 2nd February was World Wetlands Day, to commemorate this day we had a walk to the Bird Hide on Sunday 3rd February. February is Wetlands Month. The Ramsar theme for Wetlands this year is "Healthy Wetlands, Healthy People" - this basically means that having healthy well-functioning wetlands can only enhance the health of people the world over. Wetlands cleanse water and improve its quality, they prevent flooding, and they can counter the effects of droughts.

Wetlands also support a large variety of living organisms and is important in many aquatic and terrestrial food chains. As such wetlands are important sources of food for local communities in many parts of the world, either directly in the form of fish, or indirectly where crops are planted and grown on the floodplains during dry seasons - these floodplains are allowed to flood during the wet seasons during which time the soil is enriched by nutrients.

There were about 10 people on the walk to the Bird Hide at Rietvlei. The strong south easters of the previous days (or weeks!) had died down and the weather was really pleasant for walking. When we started off it looked as if it could rain, but this soon cleared up.

Join us for the walk in the following pages.

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