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Zoarvlei Walk - 21 April 2013
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It was a lovely autumn Sunday afternoon for the Friends walk at Zoarvlei. We viewed the new bridge across the vlei at the end of Wemyss Street which provides access to the Zoarvlei bus station. The public open space on the eastern side of the vlei had been upgraded and it is now a neat and pleasant place for people to enjoy.
Our walk took us northwards along the eastern side of the vlei, past the Brooklyn Chest Hospital premises and the Portuguese Sports Club. We crossed the vlei on the stormwater culvert and then walked south along the western bank behind the industrial buildings of Paarden Island.
In March this area had been burnt in a control fire by Biodiversity Management. The purpose of the fire was to reduce the amount of dead plant material that had accummulated in the reedbeds, as well as to burn the Typha which is rapidly taking over large areas. The Typha seeds is also a major nuisance to surrounding residents, hopefully this burn will alleviate this problem for a few years.
Members of Friends of Rietvlei were joined by members of Friends of Zoarvlei, and it proved to be an interesting walk with lots of interaction between the various participants.
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