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Duikersvlei stream walk - 24 August 2008
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On Sunday 24 August a few of us had a very pleasant and interesting walk along the banks of Duikersvlei stream on the old Kynoch site. This site, now known as Montague Park, is to be developed soon; but before development could take place the ground and groundwater pollutants that had accummulated as a result of the factory's activities over many years, had to be cleaned up. This meant that the Duikersvlei stream, which runs through the site, had to be rerouted as the area of the old streambed was heavily polluted. The stream was rerouted along the southern boundary of the site and also developed in such a way that it would appear more natural, and allow natural processes to remove nutrients from the water.

Stormwater coming down Duikersvlei stream from areas east of the N7 most probably still have high nutrient levels, but the reedbeds in the portion which has been rerouted serves as a natural filter which greatly improves water quality.

The pictures on the next pages show Duikersvlei stream as it is now.
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