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Fishing in Rietvlei
Rietvlei has several fish species sought after by freshwater anglers. Fishing is allowed but various regulations apply. Below is a summary of these regulations, more detail can be obtained from the relevant authorities. You can contact the ranger at the gate, or email, for more information about entry and availability of fishing sites.
Freshwater fishing permit
Fishermen have to be licenced with a valid freshwater fishing permit obtainable from CapeNature.
Where to apply:
CapeNature Information Desk in the Pinnacle Cape Town Info Centre, cnr Castle and Burg Streets, tel
021 426 0723, various agents or your nearest CapeNature regional office in George
044 874 2160, Porterville 022 931 2900, Bellville 021 945 4701 or Onrus 028 316 3338.
Contact numbers:
021 659 3416/3417/3418/3420
or email:,,
Validity period:
12 months from date of issue
Why must you have a permit?:
In terms of section 53 of the Ordinance no person may fish in any inland waters without an angling licence.
Blaauwberg Administration guidelines and code of conduct
In addition fishermen have to sign an agreement to abide by Blaauwberg Administration guidelines with respect to desired restrictions on fishing gear and codes of conduct.
Fishermen would only be allowed to fish between the reserve's official opening and closing times (07:30 to 17:00 daily).
All fishermen would be subject to inspections at the access gate or at the fishing site.
All exotic fish (carp and barbel) would have to be removed from the water, and indigenous species returned.
Fishermen would be requested to fill out specimen labels for all fish caught. Fish can be tagged when tags are available.
Only the rod and reel method of fishing would be allowed.
The City of Cape Town allows two rods per person with a maximum of two hooks per rod. The line should have a maximum breaking strength of 4,5 kg (MAC regulations) in order to prevent injuries to people that use the water for skiing and wind-surfing. All discarded line has to be removed by fishermen.
See Tariffs page for fees, etc.
Tour operators
In order to allow tour operators to use Rietvlei as a destination, advance booking is necessary. A tour operator will not be allowed to use more than 60% of the fishing sites along the vlei.
Disclaimer: The Friends of Rietvlei has placed this information here as a public service, but is not responsible for its correctness. The City could introduce changes which may not be reflected on this page; if you want to make sure you can contact the Rietvlei Wetland Reserve (telephone and email above).
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