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Fishing holiday programme : 17-19 December 2014
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During the second programme we were lucky again to have beautiful weather and a lot of hungry fish. It was nice to see a few of our regular “holiday groupers” again, soon enough they will be “too old” for the holiday programme and I’ll have to take them on as volunteers! The biggest fish, weighing at 4,5kg, was caught by two lines, well done to the boys for working together to land the fish!
 I think this programme will always be remembered for that moment where a fish grabbed the bait so hard it pulled the boy’s fishing rod into the vlei! After searching for a few minutes it was found with the fish still on the line and the boy still sitting in his chair in shock!
It was such a pleasure to work with such a great group of youngsters. Thank you to all the volunteers and work colleagues who assisted with the programme, without them this programme is not possible.
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