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Controlled burn at Wave's Edge - 5 March 2013
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On Tuesday 5 March the City successfully burned the reedbeds at Wave's Edge in the Table Bay Nature Reserve.
The City’s Biodiversity Management Branch executed the burn and this was done safely, effectively and efficiently. This type of work is especially difficult considering the complexities and dangers of burning vegetation near an urban residential area with heavily traffic roadways.
The burn helped to reduce large amounts of accumulated dry and dead reeds in the wetland, as well as open up areas for birds and animals to benefit from the open water areas. The reduced “fuel load” will decrease the likelihood of unplanned wildfires. The remaining green reeds will systematically be cut back, and any new regrowth will be treated with herbicide to suppress the reed beds. A lot of litter and rubble found in the burnt areas were removed.
When the winter rains floods this area again (usually in April) the teams will withdraw from the site and be redeployed in terrestrial areas.
Biodiversity Management expresses a special thanks to the community of Wave’s Edge for their tireless involvement and support for the management of the Table Bay Nature Reserve. Despite the heavy smoke, their patience, good faith and cooperation with the burn team impressed everybody on site.
The City of Cape Town’s Subcouncil 1, Air Pollution Control, Fire & Rescue, and Traffic Services also deserve recognition for their valuable input into the permit application process and for being present on site during the burn.
Click here to view some pictures of the burn.
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