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Launch of Information Signage at Rietvlei
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On Thursday 12 September 2013 the new information signage at Rietvlei was officially launched by the General Manager: Chevron Refinery, Doug Pottenger.
Chevron had donated funds for the design and construction of the information signage, and also for repairs to the Rietvlei Education Centre. The signage replaces the old information boards originally sponsored by Caltex. There are 8 boards in the set providing information about Rietvlei and the natural environment, and each set is in English, Afrikaans and isiXhosa.
The repairs to the centre included replacing the roof sheeting, the new ramp at the entrance, and varnishing inside and outside the building. Friends of Rietvlei also contributed by funding repairs inside the building and the construction of a third signage kiosk in front of the Education Centre.
Chevron Refinery's General Manager, Doug Pottenger and his wife Aleta, together with Doug's administrative assistant, Ania Cral, honoured us with their attendance.
At the same function, we also celebrated the founding of Friends of Rietvlei 25 years ago on 13 September 1988. A fuller celebration will take place next year when the 25th annual general meeting of Friends of Rietvlei is held.
The following pages have pictures of the occasion - click here to continue.
All photo's were taken by Ania Cral of Chevron, who has kindly allowed us to use them here.
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