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Hack at Rietvlei - 17 October 2009
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Early on Saturday 17 October a few of us gathered in The Paddocks parking lot for a hack in the southern part of the Rietvlei Wetland Reserve. The hack was in the area next to the R27 just south of Otto du Plessis Bridge. There was a fire in this area a few years ago, and the Port Jackson has been resprouting ever since.
After the heavy rains we had over the last few months, the grass growth was quite high - this obscures the alien vegetation so that from the road the area appears to be clear of aliens. But once we arrived on site, we found numerous small Port Jackson growing amongst the grass.
With our trusty tree poppers we cleared an area of about 600 square metres in the two hours we were working there. This is probably about a third or more of the area to be cleared, so all in all we think we did a good job.
Thanks to the seven (and a bit) people who joined in the hack, hopefully there will be more next time we tackle the aliens in Rietvlei.
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