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Fishing holiday programme : 11-13 December 2014
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We were blessed with beautiful weather for all three days. The children had luck on their side and almost everyone caught at least one fish, some caught three to four! There were a few parents and grandparents that joined us on the programme and after seeing how much fun the mothers where having (catching fish, not relaxing!) I will have to consider doing a programme for adults!
Our last day (13th) we moved to opposite the EE cabin and tried our luck there. Only Ava caught a fish, her first one! The boys got distracted by a dead mole snake in the water which they desperately wanted to ‘fish’ out. This mission kept them busy for quite a while and made a brilliant casting exercise. A successful three days with a group of brilliant youngsters! A big thank you to Connor Barlow who is always willing to come and assist with the programme. Connor joined the first programme in April 2012 and after seeing his passion for fishing and his willingness to help the children around him, I have roped him in as a “fishing volunteer”.
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