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Eco Bites
[Eco = ecology or ecological;  Bites = morsel, mouthful, food;  Eco Bites = ecological morsels (food for the brain!)]
This section has articles of general ecological interest, mostly articles about various plants and animals common in our area. Some articles are of interesting ecological events in or around Rietvlei. The articles contain basic information, we have tried to keep them scientifically correct, but hope that they are written such that the layman can understand.
The articles appear on separate pages, just click on the title below and the relevant page will open.
  Emergent weeds Emergent weeds in the Table Bay Nature Reserve
  Estuarine Fish The wonderful adaptations of estuarine fish.
  Estuarine Tube Worm The Australian Estuarine Tube Worm has infested the lower part of the estuary.
  Fish Deaths in Rietvlei In December 2006 thousands of fish died in Rietvlei.
  Insect World A short view of insect development and the variety in the class.
  Light Pollution & Rietvlei The effects of light pollution from R27 street lighting on Rietvlei.
  Midges or 'muggies' Midges are everybody's pest.
  Mosquitoes Mosquitoes give us sleepless nights.
  Potamogeton in Rietvlei The pondweed that is such a nuisance to boats in Rietvlei.
  Productivity in Estuaries Estuaries are highly productive ecosystems.
  Ramsar Convention Convention on Wetlands of International Importance.
  Rinkhals in Cape Town area? Has the rinkhals become extinct in the Cape Town area.
  The Typha Take-over Bulrushes can be a major nuisance.
  Toxic Algae in Rietvlei Blue-green algae in Rietvlei can be a toxic problem.
  Water Hyacinth Floating weeds that severely impact on our rivers.
  Wetland Insects Common insects found in the aquatic environment.
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