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Rietvlei Walk - November 5, 2006
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On Sunday 5th November 2006 a number of people joined us for a most enjoyable walk to the Bird Hide. It was a beautiful day, even though the southeaster came up a bit in the afternoon, but it was not bad and we could enjoy our walk.

The group first walked to the area where the owl's nest had been erected, but were careful to keep a fair distance from it - we did not know whether owls were using the nest, but did not want to disturb them if they were there or close by.

Then we proceeded along the path to the Bird Hide, from where we could enjoy the views and could have also see various bird species quite close by. The flamingoes were unfortunately far off on the eastern side of the vlei, but there were pelicans, spoonbills and Egyptian geese quite close to the hide, as well as a number of smaller species.

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