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Beach / Lagoon Walk - 11 February 2007
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The Sunday afternoon walk on 11 February 2007 took us from the car park next to the Canoe Club (near the Milnerton Lighthouse) northwards along the beach; then along a path that winded across the golf course and along the western shore of the Diep River. We crossed through Sunset Village back to the beach and then back to the car park.

From the beach we could see how bad the beach erosion was, in places it had exposed and was eroding an old road that had been built just behind the frontal dunes many years ago. The boardwalks originally built to facilitate access to and from the beach were also damaged. This beach erosion is a direct result of the building of Cape Town Docks, most erosion has taken place since the container terminal was built. The extension of the docks have caused the circular currents in Table Bay to move eastwards, thus eating away at the beach along Woodbridge Island.

There are several retention ponds on the golf course, they provide a good habitat for a variety of bird life - on several of these ponds red-knobbed coots were building nests on the water and other species were nesting in the reeds.

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