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Early Rietvlei - Pictures from the past
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This gallery contains pictures of Rietvlei from years gone by. We would welcome any pictures of Early Rietvlei to add to this gallery as it quite interesting to see how the vlei and surrounding area has changed over the years.
The first group of pictures are old black and white aerial photographs. These ortho-photos (they have contour lines superimposed on them) were probably taken in the late 1950's or maybe even in the early 1960's; but anybody who can help us out with more exact dates must please let us know. The pictures on the gallery are actually photographs taken of the ortho-photographs which are pasted on boards and are stored in the Rietvlei Environmental Education Centre.
The second set is from one picture sent to us by Axel Adelbert, this is a photograph taken from a small plane in 1982.
With these pictures we point out some interesting features, if you can see any other features of interest, please bring them to our attention.
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