Friends of Rietvlei
Newsletter November 2004
All members, and any interested friends, are invited to attend our year-end function. This will consist of "bring a plate of snacks to share", drinks, socialising, student presentations, and a talk by Nathan Myers.
Details: TUESDAY 16 NOVEMBER , 19H30 FOR 20H00
Nathan Myers will give a talk on "Insect Collecting" and show you the start of the Rietvlei insect collection. Whilst birds and flowers are the more easily seen residents of Rietvlei, what about all the insects??? Friends of Rietvlei are supporting this project financially so come and take a look.
This will be held on the third Saturday of November : 20th from 09h00 to 12h00, with a birding walk starting at 09h30. Do come!!
Audrey Van den Honert has made some lovely table cloths to cover our grey metal tables in the Education Centre, and she has also found some crockery for our kitchen. Well done!
Also "THANK YOU" to all the members who have supported us this year. May 2005 bring you peace and prosperity AND many happy hours involved with Rietvlei.
What a beautiful sunny morning greeted those Friends, and the friends of Friends, who met at the coastal area of Rietvlei Wetland Reserve on Tuesday 12 October at 09h30. Ten people, including the reserve staff, spread out across the beach between the high and low water marks and did a litter sweep for about 100m along the beach towards Dolphin Beach. For half an hour eyes were focused downwards looking for litter.
The group met back together at the starting point to discuss the findings. While waiting to regroup Isobel trained her binoculars on the sea and soon spotted a whale. Just beyond the breakers in the calm sea the whale proceeded to give a graceful display to those watching - perhaps to say thanks for the clean-up??
The consensus from the group was that 90% of the litter picked up was plastic. Drinking straws and plastic bottle tops accounted for a large number of items. Plastic/cellophane wrapping, including chip packets, were abundant. Often there was just a small corner sticking out of the sand but when pulled a large piece was revealed. A few interesting items were lighters, bulbs, two or three glass bottles, and Peter picked up what appeared to be part of an upholstered chair, including a lot of rusty nails sticking out - we were glad no-one had been walking bare-foot along the beach.
The group felt that in under an hour we had made a difference to the beach, we had got fresh air and exercise, and we had enjoyed the site of the frolicking whale in the beautiful turquoise bay. SO.. we hope to see YOU at the next clean-up. Please meet at the parking area closest to Dolphin Beach Hotel (turn off Marine Drive at their entrance, go round the circle in front of the restaurant and into the coastal parking area) on Tuesday 23 November at 09h30.
Following the interesting botanical talk by Adam Harrower recently the nature conservation students at Rietvlei have been collecting plants that are presently flowering at Rietvlei. These plants have been photgraphed and scanned successfully, before being pressed. The herbarium collection will therefor be enhanced by pictures and pressings. Would any member like to sponsor the colour-printing of the digital pictures for use in the Education Centre? Please contact Pat Titmuss 557 3748.
Subsequent to the Environmental Impact Assessment done for the upgrade and extensions of the Potsdam waste-water treatment works, a further study and model has been done to assess the impact of removing the treated effluent from the Milnerton Lagoon. The computer model shows pictorially the impact of water flowing out the Lagoon versus the changing tides. Anyone interested in further information via a talk or newsletter? Please let the committee know via e-mail or on 5574990.
The Royal Ascot development (old Milnerton racecourse) is rapidly nearing completion. Have you noticed the stormwater ponds on the corner of Racecoure Road and R27? The overflow from these ponds has been linked up via a pipe to the Diep River just north of Racecourse bridge. Koos Retief is overseeing the rehabilitation of the area that has been damaged by the construction machinery.
The first "National Pelican Count" was held on 16 October 2004. Rietvlei Student Juan-Pierre did the official count for Rietvlei and counted 7 pelicans.
  2000 2001 2002 2003 2004
January - 16.00 57.90 3.50 8.00
February - 2.00 10.00 6.00 0.90
March - 0.00 10.10 32.20 7.00
April 5.00 18.90 29.90 10.90 79.50
May 26.10 48.70 38.60 22.20 2.25
June 51.60 36.40 62.80 13.10 66.80
July 46.10 175.70 69.50 27.30 65.75
August 24.30 108.70 66.90 81.10 45.45
September 49.30 61.50 19.50 53.80 17.75
October 5.30 31.20 33.70 25.30 119.00
November 8.80 22.50 13.20 2.80 -
December 2.50 10.50 20.10 15.50 -
Total: 219.0 532.1+ 432.20 303.70 412.40
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